摇摇车虽好 安全隐患却不少

 新闻资讯     |      2020-06-28 14:05:43
Many businesses have placed electric rockers in front of the store to attract customers with children, but are these cute and popular rockers really safe and hygienic?
"The rocking car downstairs in my house sings from morning to night, making people unable to rest. The sound is very loud, especially during the lunch break, the loud sound of the rocking car makes it impossible to sleep." October 9 On the other hand, in Taining Garden Community, Chengdong District, Xining City, an aunt who came back to buy vegetables said that the sound of a child shaking her car was very harsh.
"I suspect that my son has hand-foot-and-mouth disease because he was infected by playing a rocking cart." Ms. Li, who lives in Taining Garden Community, said. It turned out that Ms. Li took her child to play the cradle every day. Ten days ago, the child was diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease. "How many children have touched this car in a day, and if it is not disinfected regularly, the health status is worrying."
"Come and sit every day, three times a day on weekends." said Master Ma, who lives in Changyun Century Village. "The child can't sit without a day. Sometimes it's not enough to sit down. It's not enough to sit for two or three times." A child's grandmother told reporters.
Witness: worrying about safety and health
On October 9, the reporter visited a number of merchants operating a rocking vehicle in Xining City, and found that many small supermarkets, pharmacies, vegetable shops and other densely populated places have electric rocking vehicles placed at the door. The reporter is located in Chengdong District, Xining City. A vegetable shop operating in Changyun Century Village found that within ten minutes, no customers walked into the vegetable shop, but six children took the cradle, one to three years old. The reporter saw that as soon as a child approached the door of the store, he sat directly in the cradle, and pointed to the coin slot to urge the adults to buy the coins quickly.
The reporter found in the interview that the cradle car was often placed at the door of the business. The body of the car was not only covered with dust. In some cradle cars, there were garbage such as paper towels and plastic bags. Some parents also let their children play with the car while eating snacks. The operator of the rocking vehicle located in the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Garden District, Chengdong District, Xining City told reporters: "The car is dirty, wipe it with a rag, and rarely clean and disinfect."
In addition to health issues, the safety issue of the rocking truck cannot be ignored. The reporter found that the power cord of the cradle car was mostly exposed, and the quality card of some cradle cars did not indicate the manufacturer or the product qualification certificate. Many parents came to shop and would leave the children alone in the cradle car to play. Although there is a warm reminder in the rocking car, parents generally do not pay attention, and do not follow the prompts, leaving the hidden safety hazards to the children.
Doctor: There are many abuses
Dr. Chen Keju from the Department of Pediatrics of the Provincial Women and Children’s Hospital said that in early childhood, children’s hearing and brain are developing, and children should not be in a noisy environment for a long time. This will cause a slight decline in hearing and affect children’s language development and pronunciation The standard nature of it is also detrimental to brain development in the future growth process.
Chen Keju reminded parents that in addition to the possibility of trauma to the child, the rocking car may also cause internal injury to the child. Especially in autumn and winter, a period of high incidence of infectious diseases, children who come to ride on a cradle are highly mobile and are likely to bring hidden dangers to their children's health. Parents should strengthen supervision to prevent the spread of diseases.
Li Jianqing, a staff member of the Xining Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, said: "At present, there are no clearly defined standards for rocking truck products, and they are neither toys nor quality supervision departments."

A staff member with a surname of Wang from Xining 12315 complaint reporting platform reminded parents that children need to retain relevant credentials when they ride on a rocking truck. According to national regulations, rocking truck operators and manufacturers are obliged to remind and protect users. If there is a danger due to quality problems, it shall bear corresponding responsibilities.