3岁娃误把电动车当摇摇车 往充电插座投币被烧伤

 新闻资讯     |      2020-06-28 14:03:54
Raising a 1 yuan coin and throwing it into a "cradle" is a matter of imitating and trying for children two or three years old. But no one thought that in the eyes of the 3-year-old girl Tongtong (a pseudonym), the battery jack on the electric car was so similar to the usual "cradle" coin slot, just when she raised her small hand and put the coin When thrown into the jack, the right hand was burned by the current, and the coin was also burned.
Jack shorted girl was burned
"I saw Mars running, and I ran over and saw that the doll's right hand was burnt!" Looking back at the scene that happened, Tong Tong's grandmother was so worried that she couldn't tell what was happening.
Tong Tong's family lives in Dadukou. The day before yesterday afternoon, the weather was good. Grandma took Tong Tong in the sun in the yard. She watched her granddaughter while doing things.
The 3-year-old Tong Tong was just curious about everything. The electric car (similar to a rechargeable motorcycle) parked in the corner of the yard caught her attention. The electric car was charged by a relative who came to park in the yard. Tong Tong walked over and looked up. Later, he didn't know where the child found a coin, and it was stuffed straight into the jack on the battery of the electric car.
Grandma heard the cry of her granddaughter and hurried over. The scene in front of her terrified her. The granddaughter's right hand was dark and burned. Later, everyone found a 1 yuan coin in the plug, which has also been burned.
Tong Tong was subsequently sent to the Children's Hospital affiliated to the Clinic by his mother. Professor Tian Xiaofei, director of the Department of Burns and Plastic Surgery, said that this was the second child to be electrocuted in the last week. Fortunately, Tong Tong's right hand was only burned and was injured by a third-degree electric shock, leaving other parts of his body temporarily unharmed.
What's going on. Tong Tong was obviously terrified by all this, and she told her grandma, "Crawl, I want to ride on the cradle!"
It turns out that Tong Tong often plays on a "cradle", and is very familiar with the rules of coining in a "cradle". When he sees the charging socket on an electric car, he treats it as a "cradle" coin mouth.
Insert a coin and cause a short circuit
Why do electric vehicle batteries hurt people? It has also been reported by the media before that even if the battery of the electric vehicle is not charged, it may happen to hurt people. Is this true?
Mr. Qin, who is engaged in high-voltage safety work for electric vehicles, said that at present, there are indeed two types of "standardized" and "non-standardized" electric vehicles on the market. The standardized electric vehicle has an "anti-tentacle" device. Simply put, people's fingers cannot be inserted, and coins cannot be inserted. When a short circuit occurs suddenly, the battery insulation management system will disconnect the circuit by instantaneous power failure.
However, some non-standardized electric vehicles still use lead-acid batteries due to price reasons. Similar to traditional batteries, they are connected in series. After charging, the "electricity" is stored first and released directly when used. The electric vehicle battery itself is a larger capacity. The power supply, its charging jack and the socket used at home are no different.
The safe voltage of the human body is 36V. If a human hand or the like directly enters the battery jack of the electric vehicle, since the human body is a semiconductor, it should have little effect on the human being. But if you hold metal conductors with your hands, such as coins used by little girls, it may have dire consequences. Because once the conductor enters, it will form a short circuit in an instant, and the resulting large current may cause the metal body to be electrically melted, which will also hurt people.
A brand electric vehicle dealer told the Chongqing Morning News reporter that the state stipulates that electric vehicle manufacturers must mark safety words on the battery. For the electric vehicles currently produced, power jacks and other requirements require corresponding protective measures.